We believe that a healthy church community has a strong missional focus. We therefore lay a lot of emphasis upon home and foreign mission and aim to give at least a fifth of our general income to mission.

In order to encourage mission in our church family we budget to provide some grants for short term mission work and our own young people on summer camps and Gap Year placements.

Who we are partnering with

At CBBC we have committed to the regular support of the following missions and missions workers:

Living Waters Village Borneo

This village and its founder is very much part of the missions aspect of our church. A village set up to house the unwanted children in Borneo. It also now has a hospital, primary and secondary school and of course nearing a thousand kids. Rightly nick-named ‘the miracle zone.’

Walter Waheed

Walter is another mission we support. He works and ministers in Pakistan. Teaching both children and ministers of the gospel.

The Sims

1.5 billion people still do not have the Bible in their own language. Drs Ronnie and Margaret Sim have been working to resolve that problem. They work with Wycliffe Bible Translators and are well known throughout not just the Highlands but actually the world. They teach African students the intricacies of Bible Translation at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. The aim of this work is to equip Africans to translate God’s Word into their own particular language. They also have recently introduced a PhD programme which will enable Africans to teach Africans how to undertake Bible translation.

Open Doors

Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide. Open Doors supply Bibles, leadership training, literacy programmes, livelihood support and advocacy services. They also seek to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland to serve Christians living under religious persecution.

Release International

Release International is an inter-denominational Christian ministry working through local church partners in more than 25 countries, helping persecuted Christians prayerfully, pastorally and practically. Their ministry is based on Hebrews 13 v
3: ‘Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.’

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

CSW is a Christian human rights organisation advocating for freedom of
religion or belief, and as Christians we stand with all those facing
injustice because of their religion or belief.

Our team of specialist advocates work on over 20 countries across Africa,
Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, seeking to challenge and change
the laws, behaviours and policies which lead to abuses of this fundamental
human right.

More info on CSW

We gather evidence and raise awareness
Our teams regularly visit the countries we¹re working on to gather
first-hand evidence of violations of the right to freedom or religion or
belief. Our research and analysis is used by politicians, policy-makers
and international institutions around the world.

We seek to influence decision-makers
We challenge, encourage and equip those in positions of power, whose
policies or actions affect the oppressed, to bring about change. We are
the only advocacy organisation specialising in freedom of religion or
belief with UN accreditation, which gives us a unique opportunity on the
international stage.

We train, equip and empower
To bring lasting change, we work with activists, journalists, religious
leaders and partner NGOs in the countries on which we focus. It¹s a
priority for us to do all we can to equip and build up networks of
partners and communities who can challenge injustice.

We pray, campaign and support
We inform, equip and encourage individuals and churches to join us in
challenging injustice. We believe we can all play a part in campaigning
for freedom of religion or belief.

CSW in Scotland
We are grateful for the support of many individuals and churches in and
around Scotland, including Culloden Balloch Baptist Church.

Three times a year (usually February, May and November) the CSW team
travel up from Edinburgh and London to host the Highlands and Islands
JustGathering at CBBC. So far a number of our advocates have shared at
these JustGatherings with people who have travelled from all over the
highlands and islands.

Our JustGatherings are a great way for people to be part of a regional
community of supporters interested in seeking justice and prayer for the
persecuted, as well as connect with the CSW team on a regular basis. Each
gathering has a great blend of talks, hospitality, open conversation and

Another thing we have done with CBBC is a series of HomeTours. These
home-based gatherings are perfect for church home groups or a house
social. Again, the CSW team arrive at the host¹s house and shares a few
stories and thoughts before the conversation is opened up for everyone to
participate in.

Highlands and Islands Youth for Christ

We are delighted to support the work of Highlands and Islands Youth for Christ (HIYFC) as they work to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus.

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