About Us


So who are we? To have a clear grasp of your identity is a real blessing. Indeed we believe to know who you truly are changes everything. The membership of Culloden-Balloch Baptist Church is made up of a group of people who have come to understand their identity as rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

We understand that we have all done wrong and fallen short not just of some but of all the standards that God has set for mankind. We neither loved Him nor others completely. We also have understood that there is nothing that we could do to make up for this, nor did we have the ability to change ourselves

But God sent His Son, Jesus Christ. To live the life we couldn`t. He perfectly met all of God`s standards. But then something remarkable happened. He was punished for us. For all the wrong things that we had committed. We are therefore a group of people who believe that His death satisfied the anger and justice of God. We believe that He died for us!!

His perfect life is wrapped around us and this is how God now views us. This is who we believe we are. So we are a worshipping community, filled with joy at what God has done and at what He continues to do for and with us.

We began worshipping together as a church in 1993. So relative to many Highland churches we are “young.” We believe that God has planted our church for a purpose. That purpose is to glorify God through our lives and communicate the good news about the Lord Jesus Christ. This is expressed in our mission statement. “To live for Jesus and bring others to Him.” We unashamedly love Jesus and the Bible which tells us about Him.

As well as the above we like to think that we are a warm and welcoming family church, and we`d encourage you to come along.

Kenny Ross